Cheesequake State Park

New Jersey is not all mountains, woods, and cities. Cheesequake State Park offers a different look into the many landscapes the Garden State has to offer. Meandering through swamps and marshes, the park allows for a leisurely stroll over boardwalks and bridges that give you a sense of wanderlust in the wetlands of New Jersey.

What to ExpectIMG_9105

The green trail that we hiked started from the parking lot, the trail-head being an archway to the path, which then loops three miles ending back in the parking lot. The trail starts off pretty flat and then begins to traverse some hills which have wooden steps built into them. Along the green trail in the beginning is a small nature museum/gift-shop building that is to the left of the trail.

Continuing along the path, the trail follows a hill that allows for some sights of a distant grasslands. After IMG_9100
about a mile walking through the woods the trail opens up to a small road, and then continues directly on the other side. About a half mile more the path descends into a swampy area. Wooden planks and bridges continue the path in so
me parts of the trail that cross over the swamp or a stream that leads into it.

Eventually, we reached another archway that opened up to a road with picnic area and a building used for a bathroom. Jack and I took a left here and it lead us back to the parking lot.

In ShortIMG_9102

Jack and I went on a weekday and it was not crowded at all with only a few people on the trails. Green trail is very hilly with steps and bridges so it is not accessible to people with strollers or bikes. Overall it was not a difficult hike and offered a different perspective on the landscape of New Jersey.

Getting There

From Interstate 78 we headed South on the Garden State Parkway. We then took an exit to get off onto Matawan Road and then took a right onto Morristown Road. Then we took a right onto Gordon Road and then took a slight right into the state park.


The parking lot that Jack and I used is past the initially building when you first enter the park. It will be the first lot on the left side of the road.


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