Spring Has Sprung: 5 Outdoor Activities That are Blooming Right Now

Sun is shining, birds are singing, and it’s time to get back outside after the long, cold winter.  As the Garden State’s greenery begins to reemerge, here are some ideal activities to kick off the spring:

Mount Tammanymt-tammany-2

Few hikes are more rewarding than this one; a grueling hour-long climb results in one of the most captivating views in all of New Jersey.  From the top of Mount Tammany, you can gaze out upon the surrounding mountains and appreciate the incoming greenness of spring.  Read about Mount Tammany here.

Stairway to Heaven Trailpanorama

Winding its way through northern New Jersey, the Appalachian Trail spans all sorts of different landscapes.  On this section of the trail, you’ll walk through woods, marshes, and fields.  The trail reaches its pinnacle after a steep climb that leads to Pinwheel Vista, and from hear you’ll experience a panoramic sight that is truly incomparable.  See our experience with the Stairway to Heaven here.

The Palisadespalisades

Situated along the bank of the Hudson river, Palisades Interstate Park takes you up and down its cliffs and provides green views from two different perspectives.  Its trails afford countless vistas from which you can gaze out (or down) on the Hudson or gaze up on the cliffs.  Let us take you through the Palisades here.

High Pointhigh-point-3

We featured the High Point Monument itself in our post about winter activities, but High Point also consists of a lengthy network of trails.  Hiking High Point is a great way to spend a spring day, as great heights inevitably come with sprawling views of the greenery that gave New Jersey its nickname (even though the picture above was taken in the fall).  Get our full take on High Point here.

Ramapo State Forestimg_8151

In our most recent post, we visited Ramapo and fell in love with it.  You’ll walk through plenty of woods and around an enormous lake, but the highlight of the trail is at the ruins.  The eerie remnants of the old castle are a sight in themselves, but the view takes the cake; from the site, you can see miles of greenlandscapes as well as the New York City skyline.  See more about Ramapo here.


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