When the Weather Outside is Frightful: 5 Quick and Easy Outdoor Activities in NJ

Not every day is a great day to go hiking.  In New Jersey, it is not uncommon for temperatures to dip well below freezing, or for whipping winds to make conditions even more frigid.  Since there are plenty of people (ourselves included) who would prefer not to freeze to death on a lengthy winter hike, Kyle and I have decided to provide a list of quick outdoor hits in New Jersey.

Paterson Great Falls

An oasis in the urban jungle of Paterson, the Great Falls (pictured above) are one of NJ’s most recognizable and awe-inspiring landmarks.  It only requires a short walk to find a suitable vantage point from which to observe the Falls, making this spot ideal for a cold day.  Check out our trip to the Great Falls here.

Liberty State Parkliberty-6

Located in Jersey City, this locale features views of New York City, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty, the Empty Sky Memorial commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks, a historical railroad terminal, and more.  Visitors can quickly stop in to view these sights, staying as long as they can tolerate.  They can even duck into the nearby Liberty Science Center afterwards in order to fully escape the cold.  See our experience of Liberty State Park here.

High Point State Parkhigh-point-1

At an altitude of 1,804 feet, High Point State Park isn’t exactly Mt. Everest, but it holds the title of being the highest elevation in New Jersey.  The park features the High Point Monument, a 220-foot tall structure marking the spot of highest elevation, as well as several viewing areas with binoculars.  It’s hard to pass up the view provided by High Point, and it makes for an ideal quick hit on a chilly day.  See more of High Point State Park here.

The Red Mill


The quaint town of Clinton, New Jersey is home to one of the most charming winter sights in the state: The Red Mill.  Situated along the bank of the Raritan River, the mill is an iconic local landmark that is well worth a drive.  Additionally, after taking in the mill, visitors can venture into the town and enjoy some of the local restaurants and shops.  Take a more in-depth look at The Red Mill here.

Scenic Drivesimg_7112

In addition to landmarks and sights, New Jersey has, of course, many miles of scenic roads.  While reveling in the warmth of a car, one can take in the New Jersey landscape by embarking on one of many spectacular routes.  For an example of one such drive, click here.


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