Taking the Liberty Walk at Liberty State Park

Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the New York City skyline; all are such iconic American landmarks, and all are within viewing distance of Liberty State Park.  Formerly a bustling industrial area, the park has been transformed into a patch of greenery nestled within urban surroundings.

What to Expect

The Empty Sky Memorial


Kyle and I drove into Liberty State Park with no particular plans in mind, opting to walk around and see what the park had to offer.  We drove past an abandoned train station, the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, and parked.  We then walked over to the Empty Sky Memorial, which commemorates the victims of the tragic 9/11 attacks.  After taking a moment to walk through the memorial, we rounded the corner and were met by the point of departure to Ellis Island as well as the front of the railroad terminal.

Continuing around the terminal led Kyle and I to the Liberty Walk, a riverside path that affords views of both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (although she was turning her back to us).  The path extends for over a mile and is blanketed by plenty of green scenery, park benches, and even a playground.  We walked for about a half hour before turning around, and we enjoyed fantastic views of hulking Manhattan skyscrapers during our return to the parking lot.

A view of downtown Manhattan


In Short

Stops included, Kyle and I spent around an hour in Liberty State Park.  If you are looking for a hike, turn elsewhere; there are no wooded areas or elevated viewpoints in the park.  However, Kyle and I still enjoyed our time there, as we were met with fantastic views of some famous American landmarks as well as beautiful surroundings.  As a bonus, we encountered relatively few other visitors, which afforded us unobstructed peace.  We recommend visiting Liberty State Park if you are looking for an easy stroll on a comfortable day, or if you enjoy encounters with historic landmarks.

Getting There

Take I-78 to exit 14B toward Jersey City, and prepare to pay a toll (for us it was $2.15).  According to Apple Maps, tolls are unavoidable regardless of the route taken, but using I-78 is the quickest way to get to the park.  After the toll, turn left onto Bayview Ave and continue through the traffic circle onto Morris Pesin Drive.  Then make a left onto Freedom Way.


There are a few places to park along freedom way, but Kyle and I decided to make a right at the end of the street and park at the end of Audrey Zapp drive.  There are a few main lots in the area, but parking in the aforementioned areas is free, no pun intended.


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