Hacklebarney State Park

Nature walks can be a fun and soothing way for families to come closer together. Hacklebarney provides an easy yet rewarding nature hike that is appropriate for all ages. There are plenty of things to do: whether its taking a leisurely stroll through the woods or admiring the waterfall, Hacklebarney State Park provides many opportunities for family fun.

What to Expect

Jack and I started and trail by walking down to the entrance in the back right corner of the parking lot. A trail head with various signs pointing different landmarks in the park make super easy to see exactly what you are looking for. We walked straight and then took a left down a set of stairs that lead to path that runs parallel at a lower destination than the main one.img_6929

This white-marked trail lead us alongside the small stream that eventually opens up to a small waterfall littered with boulders. We took another set of stairs to trek down to the bank of the stream to climb on the rocks and snap some pictures of the waterfall. Heading back on the white trail, the paved path is fairly smooth and relaxing as it breaks away from the stream and winds its way through the forest. Eventually, we were lead back to the waterside where the path begins to get a little rocky. This is wherimg_6933e you may want to be weary with children and pets, it is definitely doable but might take a little more time to navigate.

After about 20 minutes of walking parallel to the stream the path leads back to an area to sit and watch the water where multiple paths converge. Again, we opted to stick with the white trail that makes its way back up the mountain. This eventually lead us to the main trail that we started on that leads back to the parking lot.

In Short

img_6940The trail at Hacklebarney State Park is very easy and somewhat short. It took Jack and I about an hour to hike the loop (including the time it took us to take abundance of pictures). It is very family friendly as there were plenty of families with small children all over the trail. Multiple bathrooms are spread around the park to allow easy access and convenience as well as a playground at the end of the white trail for small children to exhaust their energy.

Getting There

Take County 513 to State Park Rd. Take a right onto Hacklebarney Road. The Park will be on the left.


Once you enter the park take a left and the parking road will be at the end of the road. It may be fairly crowded but there are plenty of spots.


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