Walking in an Autumn Wonderland

You can never be bored while at Schooleys Mountain Park. Between scenic views, a lake, and a waterfall there is so much that is offered in a small enough space to do it all within a day. Trips there can be as short or as long as you like, and, depending on your preference for the day, you can climb mountains, climb a waterfall, or simply just take a leisurely stroll around the lake. There is truly something for everyone.

img_6762What to Expect

Jack and I started off the hike from the small parking lot to the right on Camp Washington Road. Really, once you get here, the choice for whatever direction you wish to travel in is yours.  We chose to pass by the waterfall since that is a personal favorite spot of ours. Starting from thee top of the parking lot we walked to the left and down the grassy area and crossed a small bridge at the bottom.Walking with the lake on our left we turned down a path on our right to hike towards the waterfall.

The path leading down was fairly flat and a bit rocky. With the leaves on the ground howeimg_6759ver it was slippery at times and difficult to see the trail. Before long, we reached the waterfall, it’s only about a 5-10 minute walk. Once we reached the waterfall we chose to keep walking on the Blue path but feel free to climb it or go swimming (if it’s summer). The Blue trail lead us to a rocky outcrop where we were able to sit and take pictures of a beautiful view of the town below.

From there we took the White Trail back through the woods in a 15 minute moderate hike back to the lake. We opted out of doing the Great Loop Trail that circles the entire Mountain because we were pressed for time but there are plenty of sights along that trail as well.

In Short

Schooleys Mountain has activities, trails, and sights that can be appreciated in every season. A trip here is truly as long or as short as you would like it to be. Jack and I spent about an hour doing that one short trail simply due to the amount of time spent gazing out at the vista at the rock outcropping. It’s usually not too crowded either due to the extensive amount of things for people to do everybody will be in different locations.


Parking shouldn’t be too difficult. The lot that Jack and parked in on the right of Camp Washington Road wasn’t crowded at all either of the three times that we have been there.

Getting There

At the intersection of Mill Road ad Schooleys Mountain Road head north on Schooleys Mountain Road. Drive for about two minutes and take a right onto Camp Washington Road. The Parking lot will be on the right.


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